Policy Issue Review : new health policy series from PHC RIS

PHC RIS has released a series of Policy Issue Reviews about policy-relevant topics in primary health care. Each issue, which has been reviewed by a content expert, focuses on a particular topic that is relevant to Australian health reform. The available Policy Issue Reviews are:

Disparities in primary health care utilisation: Who are the disadvantaged groups? How are they disadvantaged? What interventions work?
Describes several sub-populations in Australia that experience poor accessibility to primary health care services; highlights the barriers to using services; and identifies the interventions that have been implemented to improve accessibility and reduce the disparities in primary health care utilisation.

Initiatives to integrate primary and acute care, including ambulatory care services
Focuses on the patient's experience of integrated care; and the strategies that have been implemented to enhance patients' experience and health outcomes.

Local community reporting models for regional primary health care organisations
Examines information about different models which overseas primary health care organisations have used for reporting to local communities.

Models of patient enrolment
Describes 7 different International patient enrolment models and synthesises information about enrolment in terms of accountability and continuity of care.

Patient experience of health care performance
Examines the mechanisms for measuring patient experience of primary health care; and identified how patient experience has been used in Australia and overseas to inform policy and practice.

Policy Issue Reviews are available on the PHC RIS website.

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