The Critical Decade: Climate Change and Health

The Climate Commission has released its second major report, The Critical Decade: Climate change and health. The report is a comprehensive and up to date synthesis of the expected impacts of climate change on the health of Australians.

Climate change is harming our health in Australia, and poses a significant threat for the future. Our health, and the health of our families and communities is the foundation for our way of life, our society and our economy. Health is one of the top priorities for Australians. Every year we collectively invest more and more in our health, and in 2008-09 this reached $112.8 billion.

Our health depends on the natural environment for our basic requirements: safe water, clean air, sufficient food, tolerable temperatures and protection from the elements. A changing climate is already putting pressure on the natural, economic and social systems that sustain good health. Climate change will lead to more injuries, disease and deaths in decades to come. Sustained action by Australia and other nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions can help prevent the worst impacts.

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