Caring in the community, Australia (ABS) ... counting the cost of caring

Being the main carer of an elderly or disabled person exacts a huge personal toll on hundreds of thousands of Australians, new data shows, and 19 per cent of the nation's primary carers have reported a "strained relationship" with the person in their care. A quarter of the 771,400 primary carers say they have also lost contact with their friends.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics report Caring in the community, Australia shows that the longer the caring role occupies each day, the more emotionally taxing it becomes, with 40 per cent of carers doing 40 or more hours a week saying they are frequently worried or depressed compared with 27 per cent for those who put in 20 hours or less.

But the snapshot of life for carers isn't all depressing news. One in three primary carers reports that the caring role had brought them closer to the person for whom they are caring.

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