"We're a nation of fat, sad drinkers" : international survey reveals worrying health behaviours

We may live in the lucky country but Australians are in denial about their ever-expanding waistlines and claim to be the unhappiest in the world. The findings came from an international health survey, which also revealed that Australians were among the world's biggest drinkers, coming in just behind their British cousins.

The Bupa Health Pulse 2011 report focuses on research in 12 developed and developing countries in Europe (Spain and the UK), the Americas(Brazil, Mexico and the US ), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Asia (China,India, Hong Kong and Thailand) and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) and examines the key factors that influence people's behaviour with regard to their health. It is based on interviews in 2011 with 13,373 adult members of the general public aged 18+. The report aims to deepen understanding not only of the trends but also the influences, attitudes, perceptions and behaviours which, on every continent, account for those trends and which potently determine the quality of health of individuals and of nations.

Key findings of the BUPA Survey

Full survey report

"We're a nation of fat, sad drinkers" - Sydney Morning Herald

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