Rural health champions website

Rural health is rewarding, challenging and life changing. It can take you to places you've never dreamed of and to communities that really need you.

The Rural Health Champions are people with a passion for rural health. They include experienced rural doctors and aspiring students in each state and the Northern Territory. Through this site, they provide first hand accounts of their personal and professional experiences living and working in rural Australia.

The Department of Health and Ageing provides a number of incentives to help doctors relocate to and remain in rural and remote Australia. These incentives include relocation grants, locum support, higher education reimbursement assistance and a discount in the 10 year moratorium for overseas trained doctors, scaled according to remoteness of region. To find out more about the incentives offered by the Department of Health and Ageing, go to To explore what a career in rural health can offer you, visit the Rural Health Workforce website,

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