MaariMa opens new unit for Aboriginal women and children in the Far West.

Minister for Mental Health, Healthy Lifestyles and Western NSW, Kevin Humphries, has officially opened a new health facility designed to greatly increase access to health care for Aboriginal children and families in the Far West region. Mr Humphries said the Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation Child and Family Unit in Broken Hill has been purpose built to meet the health requirements of both pregnant women and children.

"This facility provides a dedicated space for the increased provision of health services to mothers, pregnant women, babies and young children," Mr Humphries said. "It is a reflection of Maari Ma's on-going commitment to providing the highest quality health services in the earliest stages of life and to closing the life expectancy gap of Aboriginal people within a generation." Mr Humphries said the unit will play a vital role in reducing the burden of chronic disease on the health system and keeping far west communities active and healthy.

Press release

ABC coverage with audio interview with Kevin Humphries and pictures.

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