The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children: Annual statistical report 2010

Children born in the early years of this millennium are growing up in an Australian society different to that experienced by any previous generation. Growing Up in Australia: The Longitudinal Study of Australian Children (LSAC) is Australia's first nationally representative longitudinal study of child development. The study provides valuable data on children, their families and their wider environments, and enables researchers and policy-makers to understand how these change and interact as children grow up.

This is the first volume in the LSAC Annual Statistical Report series. The purpose of these reports is to provide an overview of the data from the study and thereby describe aspects of Australian children's lives and development. The reports will also be able to provide longitudinal statistics to describe the dynamics of change as children develop, and how their families and lives change as they grow older.

Chapters in this release include parenting practices and behaviours, children's experiences of child care, child language development & children's pre- and perinatal health experiences.

Other resources on the website include Families in regional, rural and remote Australia.

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