Thursday, 15 September 2011

Live Longer! : the Community Health Action Pack

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can now access a comprehensive health promotion pack to combat the risk factors for chronic disease and help close the gap in life expectancy.

"A part of the Live Longer! campaign, the Community Health Action Pack will assist people working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health to better design, develop and deliver health promotion projects addressing the needs of their local communities," the Minister, Warren Snowden said. "We're providing comprehensive campaign resources, and a detailed how-to guide for running successful social marketing campaigns at a local level.

The Live Longer! Campaign promotes four key healthy lifestyle choices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to help stop disease and extend their lives - give up smoking, eat healthy food, get regular exercise and have regular medical check-ups."

"Our research tells us it's important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people themselves spread the word within their communities that chronic disease such as cancer and diabetes are not inevitable, and to change the social acceptance many communities have surrounding high risk behaviours like smoking," he said.

As part of the campaign, the Australian Government is funding 38 community projects around the nation delivering healthy lifestyle messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Zanaprin said...

Sometimes familial diabetes like that is a MODY form (mature-onset diabetes of the young, a term that's being phased out) - due to a monogenic mutation in glucose-sensing/insulin-producing pathways. These can be tested for genetically. They've traditionally been misdiagnosed as either Type I, if found in children, or Type II, if found in adults.

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