Emergency 2.0 Wiki Project

The 2011 Queensland floods saw unprecedented uses for social media in breaking news as it happened, and actually saving lives. Police and emergency services enthusiastically incorporated social media into disaster management in situations where conventional communications were swept away in the floodwaters.

This spectacularly unexpected success has led to the formation of the Emergency 2.0 wiki project. Project Leader, Eileen Culleton, presented to the gov2qld group group her idea of capturing and leveraging the lessons learnt by creating an emergency 2.0 wiki to provide best practice advice on how to use social media and web2.0 in all phases of emergency management.

She shared her vision of an emergency 2.0 empowered community in which all sectors : emergency, government, not for profit, community, business, education, media and the public had the knowledge to use social media to better prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. Her vision involved the wiki acting as a hub for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the community, locally and globally.

Although the wiki is still young it now boasts an impressive range of resources on disaster scenarios.

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