CareTrack Australia - health care research

CareTrack Australia is part of an NHMRC program grant to the Australian Institute of Health Innovation that will examine the appropriateness of the care provided in Australia for 22 common conditions.

Previous studies have demonstrated that patients receive evidence based care for common conditions approximately half of the time, and that there is considerable variation in the care that is provided. The study aims to understand who is getting what healthcare from whom, and how and why, from the perspectives of both patients and healthcare providers. They will review the medical records from 2009 and 2010 from 1000 representative Australians.

One of the chief investigators, Professor Bill Runciman, was interviewed last week on ABC Radio National's Health Report. He said that a similar review in the US revealed American adults received the evidence-based consensus recommended care about 55% of the time and children about 46% of the time.

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