New national competency assessment tool for nurses

Newly registered nurses will be better able to "hit the ward running" in the high-pressure environment of the nation's hospitals and care facilities thanks to a recently completed Australian Learning and Teaching Council funded project. The project has developed pilot guidelines that seek to ensure robust and reliable clinically-based learning for pre registration Bachelor of Nursing students, thus better preparing them for nursing registration, and the everyday challenges of work in a busy clinical environment.

Project team leaders Professor Patrick Crookes and Roy Brown, their experiences with people at various levels of health services, as well as with the heads of nursing schools around Australia formed the impetus behind the project. At present there are 39 nursing programs in Australia, each using its own clinical assessment tool and this lack of parity creates the potential for different outcomes for newly registered nurses within and between programs.

The project aimed to address this issue by developing a new nationally agreed competency assessment tool for pre-registration nursing students, ensuring that the needs of both education and clinical service providers are met.

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