Early Intervention in Youth Mental Health

Special Issue of Early Intervention in Psychiatry: Early Intervention in Youth Mental Health : Papers from the 1st International Youth Mental Health Conference [Free access until end of April 2011]

While material well-being and physical health have dramatically improved, the mental health of young people in transition from childhood to adulthood has been steadily declining, and this from a low base. One of our failures so far is not to have appreciated that the timing and pattern of mental ill-health impacts so strongly on young people who, on the threshold of adult life, have the most to lose. Editorial

Heads Up! First International Youth Mental Health Conference Wendy McCarthy AO and Chris Tanti

Troubled youth: an island of misery in an ocean of happiness, or the tip of an iceberg of suffering?
Richard Eckersley

What's worrying young Australians and where do they go for advice and support? Policy and practice implications for their well-being Anne Hampshire and Kathryn Di Nicola

Navigating complex lives: a longitudinal, comparative perspective on young people's trajectories
Johanna Wyn and Lesley Andres

Transforming youth mental health services and supports in Ireland Robert J. Illback and Tony Bates

Forming and sustaining partnerships to provide integrated services for young people: an overview based on the headspace Geelong experience Tom Callaly, Kathryn von Treuer, Toni van Hamond and Kelly Windle

Early access and help seeking: practice implications and new initiatives Coralie J. Wilson, John A. Bushnell and Peter Caputi

Promoting youth mental health: priorities for policy from an Australian perspective Debra J. Rickwood

Evaluating population-level interventions for young people's mental health: challenges and opportunities Michael Gifford Sawyer, Nina Borojevic and John Lynch

Young people at ultra high risk for psychosis: a research update Alison R. Yung and Barnaby Nelson

The use of e-health applications for anxiety and depression in young people : challenges and solutions Helen Christensen, Julia Reynolds and Kathleen M. Griffiths

Youth mental health: we know where we are and we can now say where we need to go next Ian B. Hickie

The February 2011 issue of Early intervention in Psychiatry can also be accessed for free

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