Australian Health Survey 2010

Australia's financially hard up and those living outside capital cities have a more negative view of the Australian health care system than the broader population, according to a bi-annual survey by The Menzies Centre for Health Policy and The Nous Group. Key concerns about access and affordability featured in the survey responses.

Examining how Australians view their health care system, the report presents the results of a telephone survey of a representative sample of 1201 Australians. The Menzies-Nous Australian Health Survey 2010 provides valuable insight into the views held by Australians about their own health, the Australian health system and affordability of health and aged care services.

The survey was conducted in July 2010 and asked questions on the following subjects:

* satisfaction with the health system;

* support for health reform;

* access to health care services;

* confidence in services;

* affordability of health care.

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