The Superguide: a handbook for supervising doctors in training

A new practical guide for supervisors of junior medical officers is now available. The guide has been developed in consultation with clinicians across the State by CETI's Medical Division (The Institute of Medical
Education and Training.

"There is good evidence about what makes good clinical supervision, but the literature is diffuse and not readily accessible to busy supervisors. We wanted to publish a short guide based on the evidence that was practical and motivating." author Roslyn Crampton said. "Successful supervision uses the necessities of clinical oversight as the opportunity for training and education, so that safe supervision today becomes the foundation for safe independent practice by the trainee in the future."

The Superguide covers a wide range of topics in the areas of clinical oversight, clinical teaching (with many practical teaching tips), keeping trainees safe and well, and term supervision. A resources section includes references, forms and checklists.

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