Medicare Locals - Discussion Paper - Submissions by 15th November

The Australian Government has committed to establishing a national network of primary health care organisations, known as Medicare Locals. Medicare Locals - Discussion Paper on Governance and Functions specifically addresses the following areas:

* What will Medicare Locals do?

* What will Medicare Locals look like?

* How will Medicare Locals interact with patients and providers?

The paper outlines five key objectives for Medicare Locals:

1. Identification of the health needs of local areas and development of locally focused and responsive services including a stronger focus on prevention and early intervention

2. Improving the patient journey through developing integrated and coordinated services

3. Providing support to clinicians and service providers to improve patient care, particularly the better prevention and management of chronic disease

4. Facilitating the implementation and successful performance of primary healthcare initiatives and programs

5. Being efficient and accountable with strong governance and effective management

The Government's discussion paper and information on how to respond to the discussion paper is available at the link above.Submissions must be received by 15 November 2010.

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