Health of the people of NSW 2010

The health of the people of NSW - Report of the Chief Health Officer. Summary Report, 2010 is the latest report in a series produced every two years since 1996 to provide key information on the status of the health of N.S.W. It also plays the role of providing information on the effectiveness of public health programs and on factors critical to maintaining a healthy life.

A child born in NSW in 2007 would now expect to live 79.8 years if male and 84.4 years if female, an increase of 3.3 years for males and 2 years for females since 1998. Death rates from major causes of disease and injury have significantly fallen in the last 10 years and there have been improving trends for some risky behaviours such as smoking, sedentary behaviour and inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption, which lead to disease.

However, overweight and obesity rates have increased by more than 3% in women and by 2% in men in the last five years. The consumption of vegetables, while improving, has remained too low in both men and women, with fewer than 15% of men and women eating the recommended amount of vegetables in 2009.

The report also highlights the poor health outcomesof the Aboriginal population of NSW. Rates of avoidable deaths and hospitalisations, infant mortality and premature or low birth weight babies are unacceptably higher in Aboriginal compared with non-Aboriginal people in NSW. Reducing inequities in health outcomes remains a major challenge in NSW.

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