Revised National Mental Health Standards 2010

The Australian Health Ministers' Council (AHMC) endorsed the revised National Mental Health Standards on 16th September 2010. The standards are available to guide quality care provision across Australia's mental health services. The focus of the original standards released in 1996 was primarily to raise the quality of Australia's acute mental health services.

The focus of the revised standards has changed significantly with a large proportion of services now provided in the community, an expansion of non-government and private services and an increased focus on primary mental health care. To support the broader focus directed towards the non-government sector, public and private services and private office based services, guidelines are being developed to support implementation of the National Standards into practice.

There are 10 standards available :

Standard 1. Rights and responsibilities
Standard 2. Safety
Standard 3. Consumer and carer participation
Standard 4. Diversity responsiveness
Standard 5. Promotion and prevention
Standard 6. Consumers
Standard 7. Carers
Standard 8. Governance, leadership and management
Standard 9. Integration
Standard 10. Delivery of care

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