NSW suicide prevention strategy 2010-2015: a whole of government strategy promoting a whole of community approach

The NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2015 sets out the NSW Government's direction and intended outcomes for suicide prevention over the next five years.

6 priority areas are identified in the strategy :

1. Improving the evidence base and understanding of suicide prevention

2. Building individual resilience and the capacity for self help

3. Improving community strength, resilience and capacity in suicide prevention

4. Taking a coordinated approach to suicide prevention

5. Providing targeted suicide prevention activities

6. Implementing standards and quality in suicide prevention

However, recent consultation with the community has indicated that more needs to be done in terms of:

* further availability of and access to services, especially for people living in rural/remote communities;

* greater focus on at risk population groups;

* better coordination of non health sectors;

* meaningful reporting;

* greater emphasis on evaluation; and

* embracing new approaches, learnings and service models.

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