Guide to the proposed Basin Plan (Murray-Darling Basin Authority)

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority has released the Guide to the proposed Basin Plan (the Guide). It is the first part of a three-stage process which also includes the proposed Basin Plan and the Basin Plan.

While the Basin Plan itself will be a legislative instrument, the Guide to the proposed Basin Plan provides information on the background and process of developing all the different parts of the plan. This information includes:

* a summary of the history and current state of Basin water resources

* the factors driving change in use and management of water resources

* the new arrangements under the Basin Plan and their impacts

* implementation of the Basin Plan.

This "Overview" volume is the first of 21 volumes of the Guide. Volume 2 will be a volume on technical specifications of the plan, and will be followed by 19 volumes of regional guides to specific areas.

Visit the MDBA website at for a copy of the Guide and to find out where the community information sessions on the Guide will be held.

You can also subscribe to the MDBA's monthly e-Letter, which contains reports of happenings across the Basin, by filling out the form at

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