Equity-Oriented Toolkit for Health Technology Assessment

A needs-based health technology assessment model is used to provide methods to match the identified health needs of a population, to the most appropriate interventions. The existing tool kit focused on averages, but this ignored distributional issues and equity gradients. This 'expanded' Equity -Oriented Toolkit is based on clinical and population health status and takes into account issues of gender equity, social justice and community participation. The Toolkit is based on a needs-based model of HTA.

It provides tools that explicitly consider health equity at each of the four steps of health technology assessment: 1) Burden of Illness, 2) Community Effectiveness, 3) Economic Evaluation, 4) Knowledge Translation and Implementation. It also incorporates concepts of health impact assessment within the HTA process.

Developers seek to further define this Toolkit, they request suggestions on validated and widely disseminated HTA tools that explicitly consider health equity and that are relevant to the toolkit. These tools may be specific analytical methods such as the Disability-Adjusted Life Years, checklists such as the Health Impact Screening Checklist, software programs such as the Harvard Policy Maker, databases such as The Cochrane Library, etc. Check out the Toolkit!

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