Improving responses to depression and related disorders: evaluation of a innovative, general, mental health care workers training program (Australian)

Australian General Practitioners have been beneficiaries of extensive training in mental health care delivery over the last few years but less so other workers who support those with mental illness. Training is needed as it is widely recognised that the most effective interventions to prevent and treat mental disorders are often not readily available.

The Mental Health Aptitudes into Practice (MAP) training package is a broad, innovative,interdisciplinary, general mental health training aimed at improving responses to individuals with depression and related disorders. The modular structure of this training program meant that such training could be targeted at those with varied backgrounds.

271 days of free MAP training was delivered across Victoria in 2004/2005. The evaluation reported here assessed whether changes occurred in the trainees’ confidence, mental health literacy, attitudes towards effective treatments, mental health knowledge and skills and community mental health ideology following training.

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