The Future of Aged Care in Australia

Providing for quality care in later life is a key concern of Australians as they age. To ensure the provision of accessible and sustainable high quality care in the future however, requires both informed debate about the aged care system and considered policy planning. To stimulate this debate National Seniors has commissioned a report from Access Economics on the future of aged care in Australia. The report covers current issues in aged care such as quality of care, infrastructure requirements and alternative models of funding.

The major findings of the report revealed 3 major areas of concern

1. The current system is not working well, with quality of care perceived as declining over the last five years. As demand is growing rapidly, tinkering with the system is not a long-term answer.

2. Significant investment in aged care is needed, particularly for new facilities and in developing a skilled workforce to deliver age care. The current system is not sustainable without higher tax.

3. We need to find new ways of financing aged care. A survey of more than 3,200 seniors found that many people would be prepared to pay for high quality aged care, while wanting a safety net for those who cannot afford to pay.

Commentary from the ABC 7.30 report

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