The Assessing Cost-Effectiveness in Prevention report

ACE (Assessing Cost-Effectiveness) Prevention is a large, 5-year study that was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council. The overall aim of this project was to provide a comprehensive analysis of the comparative cost-effectiveness of preventive intervention options addressing the non-communicable disease burden in Australia, with a specific focus on Indigenous Australians. ACE Prevention is the most comprehensive evaluation of health prevention measures ever conducted world-wide, involving input from 130 top health experts. The research team assessed 123 illness prevention measures to identify those which will prevent the most illness and premature deaths and those that are best value for money. For comparison purposes 27 treatment interventions were included.

The final report provides a comprehensive overview of the findings of ACE Prevention. Many results can also be accessed in the form of Pamphlets, Briefing Papers and publications on a range of topics.

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