Travelling well : meeting indigenous transport needs

A community report highlighting how the unmet transport needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in urban, regional and remote areas significantly contribute to poor health and psycho-social outcomes has just been published by the Lowitja Institute.

Entitled Aboriginal People Travelling Well, the report focused on the interaction between access to safe transport and the health and wellbeing of people in several distinct South Australian Aboriginal communities - in metropolitan Adelaide, in the regional centre of Ceduna and the remote community of Yalata on SA's far west coast.

Among the key issues identified are that people often travel unsafely when there is a health crisis in their family, and that reluctance to travel away from family and community supports contributes to under-servicing of health needs and continuing poor health among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations. Added to this are difficulties encountered by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in qualifying for drivers' licences, in being able to afford the purchase and servicing of mechanically sound vehicles, and in accessing public transport when such services are either expensive or non-existent in many regional and remote areas.

Printed copies will soon be available for order on-line.

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