A rising tide of expectations : consumers' views on electronic health records.

CSC has released an independent research report on Australians' views of electronic health (e-health)records. CSC's report, A Rising Tide of Expectations, found consumers are ready and waiting for the government to deliver an individual e-health record : what they see as a basic Australian right.

In March 2010, CSC commissioned an independent, national Newspoll phone survey of 1208 Australian consumers to understand how important they believe it is to have an individual e-health record. The results showed that 96 percent of Australians in favour of e-health records believe that common medical data should be stored on a shared electronic record, despite only 46 percent being aware of the proposed introduction of e-health records.

The report also found that almost 90 percent of participants actively make an effort to improve and maintain their health already while 86 percent personally keep a record of some type of medical information. Ninety-one percent of participants want to see their healthcare data in one place. Ironically, Australians also feel they are effectively maintaining or improving their health despite increasing rates of chronic disease and obesity.

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Sydney Morning Herald coverage

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