E-remote : New Learning Tool for Remote Health Workers [CRANA]

A new online learning tool that helps remote health practitioners sharpen their skills without ever leaving home, has been launched.

The CRANAplus eRemote online learning program will empower health professionals by delivering learning modules that are engaging, interactive and relevant to rural and remote practice. The program offers specialised educational opportunities for nurses, doctors, paramedics and Aboriginal health workers.

Health professionals working in remote regions struggle for access to continuing education opportunities, particularly ones with relevance to the remote environment. "Travel cost and time away from work and family are major inhibitors, and that's only if relief staff is available to take over their duties for a few days," says CRANAplus President Christopher Cliffe. "The nature of remote work means that many practitioners work in professional as well as geographic isolation. Having a way to sharpen skills without traveling halfway around Australia is a great benefit to remote practitioners and the people who they serve.

The content of the program is based on the information provided in the CRANAplus First Line Emergency Care (FLEC) courses, the online survey results and the competencies that are deemed essential for safe practice. The programs areflexible in their delivery modes and self-paced to allow the individual health professional to complete in their own time frame.

The modules will encourage health professionals to make context specific decisions with directional feedback that encourages them to reflect upon their decisions and develop their critical thinking skills in the remote clinical setting.

In order to meet the challenge of overcoming traditional barriers to continuing education CRANAplus has recognised the need for health professionals to access innovative educational delivery methods.

The courses available cover a wide range of topics including Remote Emergency Care, Advance Life Support , Basic Life Support, Maternity Emergency Care, Clinical skills for the bush, First aid for aboriginal health workers and many others. Users may subscribe to a whole course, or enrol in individual modules

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