Australia ranks second in world Quality of Death

The Quality of Death Index released today sees Australia come in second to the United Kingdom in the world rankings. Prepared by the Economic Intelligence Unit of The Economist, the Index rates countries according to how well they provide end of life care.

Professor Margaret O'Connor AM, President of Palliative Care Australia, warns, "Australia mustn't rest on its laurels. We stillhave a long way to go to ensure that all Australians can access high quality end of life care, delivered in the location of their choice in a culturally appropriate manner. We need to improve funding and delivery of community based palliative care, and to rapidly increase training in the field to better meet our health care needs."

"Raising awareness of what is possible with high quality palliative care is an important goal. Palliative Care Australia has identified that this need applies both to the broad community and to health professionals generally ", argued Professor O'Connor. "As a society we need to relax the taboos and have open conversations about what our needs might be when we reach the end of our lives. Let*s chat openly and make sure that our loved ones know what we want".

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