Schizophrenia Library

The Schizophrenia Library is a free online one stop shop for a wide range of information on schizophrenia. The brainchild of Professor Vaughan Carr, the Library was given full support and funding of over $1M from NSW Health to the Schizophrenia Research Institute to develop

Launching with the reviews of the first 100 topics, on completion the Library will allow the general public, researchers, clinicians and policy makers to search from over 400 topics to discover more information on treatment, risk factors and course and outcomes of the illness.

The wide range of topics will be grouped into nine different categories, including treatment, signs and symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis, course and outcome, physical factors, comorbid conditions, population perspective and families. Each topic has a fact sheet for the general public, but researchers and clinicians can drill down to detailed reviews.

A useful developing site worth watching

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