The Healthy Ageing Quiz : Practical tips for ageing well

A new report by the National Seniors Productive Ageing Centre (NSPAC) has explored the topic of healthy ageing and what it means to actually "age well". The report draws on evidence-based research through the latest health and positive ageing strategies.

Entitled Healthy Ageing Quiz- Practical Tip for Ageing Well, it includes a quiz which provides older adults with an opportunity to assess their health and learn how they can improve it.

Launching the new report, NSPAC research head, Peter Matwijiw, said while there was lots of information on the internet about healthy ageing, there was a need to find credible information based on scientific evidence.

"All of us want to age well. But what does ageing well actually mean?" he said. "There is a large body of evidence related to healthy ageing out there but no single place draws all that information together. That's what we did with this report and it will help people assess their lifestyle choices and give them tips to age well."

The tips don't just include topics such as exercise, weight and diet but also chronic conditions, sleep, stimulating your mind, social connections and optimism.

"Understanding the factors underpinning healthy ageing will help governments, researchers and health professionals to develop strategies to maximise the quality of life for older people," Mr. Matwijiw said.

"Older people will also be able to understand the facts on ageing and practice the behaviours that will add years to their life."

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