Keys to Living Together (5 DVD set)

For most of us, at any given time, there is a special relationship which affects our lives and wellbeing more than any other. Despite its importance we often don't think about how this central relationship is working or if it can be improved.

The Keys to Living Together kits aim to provide you with useful tips, advice and ideas to enhance your relationships. Each kit consists of a DVD and mini magazine.

The five DVDs in the series are :

Keys to Living together - Taking the first step (making a commitment)

Keys to living together - Instant families (relationships and moving into a new family)

Keys to living together - Then there were 3 (Becoming a couple WITH children)

Keys to living together - Staying strong (Staying strong as a family and adjusting to rural life)

Keys to living together - Life-changing journeys (dealing with life changes including disability)

To order a free copy of the full kit, phone 1800 050 009 or email :

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