Health Reform Notes (National Rural Health Alliance)

The National Rural Health Alliance has produced a series of Health Reform Notes to inform discussion as to how the Federal Government's health reform agenda may impact on rural health. Topics covered to date are :

Note 1: Should the Commonwealth be responsible for all primary care?
Note 2: Comprehensive primary care centres and services
Note 3: Should regional primary healthcare organisations (PHOs) be established to undertake primary care service coordination and planning?
Note 4: E-health and broadband in rural and remote communities
Note 5: Voluntary enrolment with a primary care health service and performance based incentive payments
Note 6: Rural equivalence funding
Note 7: Patient Assisted Travel Schemes (PATS)
Note 8: Improving oral health and oral health care for all Australians
Note 9: Development and distribution of the health workforce

The NRHA will soon be updating these Health Reform notes in the light of recent further announcements made by the Government.

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