Free online mental health services

The e-hub research and development group at the Australian National University provides a number of free and anonymous online evidence-based mental health programs. These are of special interest to rural mental health professionals and consumers where access to specialist services may be difficult. The rapidly developing range of sites include :
Beacon: information for consumers and professionals about e-health online applications for mental health and physical health disorders.
BluePages: about depression and anxiety and their treatments.
BlueBoard: An online support group for people affected by depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders.
BrolgaNet: Consumer participation in mental health research.
e-couch: includes modules for self-treatment of social anxiety, generalised anxiety and depression, including cognitive, behavioural and interpersonal and relaxation and exercise.
MoodGym: An interactive program which teaches cognitive-behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression.
MulgaNet: A set of resources for rural mental health professionals including a bulletin board, resource library, events listing and employment pages.

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