CareSearch Palliative Care Knowledge Network (Website)

CareSearch Palliative Care Knowledge network been launched in Canberra
today. This free online resource focuses on palliative care, and is
designed for health professionals, patients, families and friends.
Palliative care is different to many other healthcare fields, because
when a patient*s illness progresses, their care can suddenly shift
from curative to palliative. Thus a registrar in a general medical
hospital ward, an outpatient physiotherapist, a nurse in a community
health service, or an Aboriginal Health Worker, as just a few examples,
may provide palliative care.

1 in 3 women drink alcohol while pregnant: study

A study has found one third of Australian women have admitted to drinking alcohol when pregnant - and most would do it again.
The study by Elizabeth Peadon from the Westmead Children's Hospital surveyed 1,100 women aged between 18 and 40 years old.
Of those, 93 per cent said they knew alcohol could affect an unborn child.
Dr Peadon says the findings will be used to develop public health campaigns to inform pregnant women about the dangers of drinking.
The results have been presented at the 2008 Royal Australian College of Physicians conference in Adelaide.

A primary care reform agenda for Australia

Lesley M. Russell / Menzies Centre for Health Policy. The term 'primary health care' is commonly used interchangeably with 'primary care'. But, strictly speaking, primary health care is a strategy of public health, while primary care is usually taken to mean the first point of entry into the health system, generally for someone who is sick and seeking treatment or assistance. It is a problem for health care reform in Australia that these two approaches are often run together.

Community mental health

MP urges investment in community-based mental health services

Rural Youth & alcohol

Boredom behind youth binge drinking: MP

Indigenous Mental Health Issues

Cannabis Use Associated With Depression in the Top End

Indigenous drug and alcohol DVDs

Alcohol DVD - Strong Spirit Strong Mind - what our people need to know about alcohol. Explores the impact of alcohol on individuals, families and communities through the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals and community members.

Speed DVD - Strong Spirit Strong Mind - what our people need to know about speed. Explores the impact of speed on individuals, families and communities through the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals and community members

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Understanding gestational diabetes (DVD)

This DVD explains to women and their families how to manage their gestational diabetes and what to do once the baby is born. In this documentary-style film, women who have had this condition during pregnancy talk positively about their experiences.
This DVD is a multi-lingual resource in 6 languages
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Access all areas (Free DVD)

This DVD from the Dept. of Health and Aging's alcohol program, is an information source for injecting drug users. It explains treatment options for opioid dependence including methadone, buprenorphine, and detoxification as well as treatment of other drug related problems and health issues such as dental care, hepatitis, mental health and overdose.

To order send an email to (or phone 02 6269 1000) stating name, delivery address, phone number and a brief background to your organisation.

A Textbook of Australian Rural Health (ARHEN)

The Australian Rural Health Education Network (ARHEN) has produced a comprehensive textbook on rural health in Australia, which is a must for all educators, students, and rural health professionals. Each chapter contains key points, learning objectives, several actual case studies and learning activities.

Available from ARHEN in hard copy.

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Medicare Claims Records Now Available Online

Australians can now access their Medicare claims history on the Medicare
Australia website. People who wish to use the service need to register
for online services at or at a
Medicare office. They will need to provide their Medicare card number,
individual reference number (the number that identifies the order of
those listed on the Medicare card) and date of birth. Medicare
Australia*s online services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a

At Ease : new resource for the mental health of veterans

Mental health in the veteran and defence force communities has received
assistance with the launch of a new website and a range of promotion
materials. At Ease provides simple and relevant self-help information
for veterans and serving members, their families, mates and carers. It
encourages them to recognise the signs and take the initiative to
maintain and build their mental health and wellbeing. Supporting
materials have also been developed for health providers and for staff of
the Department of Veterans* Affairs who work with veteran and defence
force clients.

Breast cancer hair test to hit market

A world-first test that can diagnose breast cancer by X-raying a woman's hair will be available commercially later this year. Results from a trial involving 2,000 Australian women found the test to be effective in detecting breast cancer.

The test is based on an Australian university discovery that breast cancer changes the molecular structure of hair. Breast tumours secrete chemicals called cytokines into the bloodstream, which can affect the way the hair follicle works to form hair, a difference that can be picked up using sophisticated X-ray technology. It was designed as a less painful and invasive method of cancer detection than the mammogram, and it can be used by women of all ages.
The trial compared the hair test to mammogram results and found it was 69 per cent accurate - but the success rate was 75 per cent when hair that had been damaged by perming, dyeing and straightening were excluded.

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Gene finding offers epilepsy hopes

Researchers say they have found a mutated gene linked with epilepsy and mental retardation in women. It is hoped the findings could lead to prenatal screenings.

Dr Leanne Dibbens of the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital says the hereditary condition specific to women is rare but has been known to affect successive generations.
For the wider community it will lead to new research into the genes that are involved in epilepsy and intellectual disability.

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Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Initiative (USA)

Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention Initiative

This website from the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) presents the work of the Childhood Agricultural Injury Prevention programme in raising awareness and concern about childhood agricultural injury, publishing injury statistics, providing surveillance data, and promoting the use of effective prevention strategies by the private and public sectors. A range of publications on childhood agricultural injury is available here together with the national action plan on children and agriculture, and links to relevant supporting organisations.

Drought Resource Kit and other resources from Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue, the National Depression Initiative has a wide range of free resources on all aspects of depression.Of special interest to rural areas is the Drought Resource Kit (containing a number of resources including Don't Beat About the Bush DVD and the very useful book Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family). A wide range of resources for schools and the DVD "Out of the Blue" (for rural health professionals) is also available from the site

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Coordinated Care Program

The Coordinated Care Program is an initiative of the Australian , State & Territory governments and aims to improve the health and well-being of communities and individuals with chronic and complex care needs.
Coordination of Care and Efficiency of Healthcare : Lessons from the Second Round of Australian Coordinated Care Trials

Aboriginal Studies Resource Lists

These resource lists, produced jointly by GleeBooks, the Independent Education Union and the Catholic Education Office, were originally developed as an aboriginal studies resource kit for Primary and Secondary schools. However, their expansion has seen lists of indigenous DVDs and a resource list for indigenous health added. For anyone upgrading indigenous resources for schools, or seeking a basic list in indigenous health, recommended.

Report on the Audit of Health Workforce in Rural and Regional Australia

This report, by the Department of Health and Aging, provides information gathered in the audit of the health workforce in rural and remote Australia. It investigates the number and distribution of the health workforce, specifically doctors, nurses and other health professionals, currently working in rural and regional Australia, describes the current workforce supply and identifies where health workforce shortages exist.