Law and justice statistics - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a snapshot, 2006

This ABS snapshot presents an overview of Indigenous peoples' experiences of law and justice as reported in the 2002 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Survey (NATSISS)

Towards new indicators of disadvantage: deprivation and social exclusion

Studies of Australian poverty have concentrated on comparing people's incomes with poverty lines. By focusing on income alone, poverty research has failed to connect with the actual living standards experienced by those in poverty. This report by Professor Peter Saunders from the Social Policy Research Centre of the University of New South Wales focuses on some of the social consequences of disadvantage

Older Australia at a Glance (4th Edition)

Australia's population is ageing and as baby boomers move into old age this trend is set to gather greater momentum over the next three decades. Significant changes will flow to all aspects of social and economic life as both the number and proportion of older people in the community increase. This fourth edition of Older Australians at a glance provides insights into the diversity of the older population of Australia, where they are living, what they are doing, how healthy they are and the services they are using.

Australia's mothers and babies 2005

Australia's mothers and babies 2005 is the fifteenth report from the AIHW National Perinatal Statistics Unit, providing information on births in Australia from perinatal data collections for each state and territory. The report presents demographic, pregnancy and childbirth factors of women who gave birth in 2005 and the characteristics and outcomes of their babies. This edition includes a chapter on socioeconomic status of mothers.

Ovid SP interface on CIAP

CIAP has released the new Ovid search and discovery platform, Ovid SP. There are a number of new features, including natural language searching, Endnote compatability and enhanced results display. More details are available in the Ovid SP FAQ : or

For enquiries regarding training and demonstration of the new features, please contact your nearest GWAHS library.

Drought -Mental Health

Two articles from ABC News Website relating to the drought and Mental Health:

Churches to help counsel drought-hit farmers (mental health focus)

Research shows farmers need drought stress strategies

Health at a Glance - OECD Indicators 2005

This third edition of Health at a Glance - OECD Indicators 2005 provides the latest comparable data and trends on different aspects of the performance of health systems in OECD countries. It provides striking evidence of large variations across countries in indicators of health status and health risks, and in the costs, allocation of resources and outputs of health systems.

Aboriginal mental Health

Aboriginal and Islander Health Worker: Vol 31(6), Nov/Dec 2007

Some relevant articles relating to indigenous mental health:
Improving Mental Health Skills of Health Workers in Indigenous Communities…p.12-15
Reducing the risk of dementia of Australia’s Indigenous population…p23
Indigenous dreaming: How Suicide in the context of substance abuse...p.26-33

Inequality in oral health in Australia

"Inequality in oral health in Australia" is an interesting report just released by the Australian Review of Public Affairs. Australian attitudes to dental issues are discussed as well as solutions offered to make Australia's dental services more equitable. Click here to read the report.

Indigenous EarInfoNet (Website)

Anyone interested in the problem of otitis media in indigenous children should try this new website which gathers a number of resources, guidelines and video clips on the subject.

Seachange, Treechange, Lifestyle Change

This series of short 5 minute documentaries directed by award winning film maker Olivia Peniston-Bird, provides the opportunity for urban GPs to hear directly from Australian trained GPs who have made the shift to rural or remote practice. GPs from all over Australia explore the motivations, barriers, challenges and rewards of moving to rural and remote areas including Walgett, Warrnambool & Margaret River

The Burden of Disease and Injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2003

Vos T, Barker B, Stanley L, Lopez AD 2007. The burden of disease and injury in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2003. Brisbane: School of Population Health, The University of Queensland, provides the first comprehensive assessment of the burden of disease of Indigenous Australians.