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There is a wealth of evidence that much published health research is reported poorly. The EQUATOR Network (Enhancing the QUAlity and Transparency Of health Research) is a new quality improvement initiative that seeks to improve the quality and reliability of the health research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting through the use of reporting guidelines.

Health expenditure Australia 2005-06

Health expenditure Australia 2005-06
examines expenditure on health goods and services in Australia for 1995-96 to 2005-06. It shows that Australia spent $86.9 billion on health in 2005-06, an estimated rise of $5.8 billion since 2004-05. This report presents expenditure estimates: at the aggregate level; as a proportion of gross domestic product (GDP); on a per person basis; by state and territory; by comparison with selected OECD and Asia-Pacific countries; and by source of funding-Australian Government, other governments and the non-government sector.

Practice nursing in Australia

Practice nursing in Australia

This research paper explores aspects of the recent development of practice nursing in Australia, particularly those relating to government initiatives currently in place. The paper also discusses some of barriers which may inhibit the further development of practice nursing, and makes some comment on how these could be addressed in the future.

Dr Rhonda Jolly. Practice nursing in Australia, Research Paper no. 10 2007–08

Indigenous mothers and their babies, Australia 2001-2004, AIHW, 2007

This new report provides information on births to Indigenous mothers in Australia from perinatal data collections for each state and territory. Demographic, pregnancy and childbirth factors of Indigenous women who gave birth in 2001-2004 are presented. This report also includes information on demographic and birth trends over the period 1991 to 2004 and a chapter on the quality of Indigenous status data in the state and territory perinatal data collections.
See: http://www.aihw.gov.au/publications/index.cfm/title/10458

Social work with indigenous communities (Book review)

Linda Briskman has produced a book which encourages social workers to develop their skills in recognising and facilitating the strengths of indigenous communities. There is an underlying assumption that most social workers will be non-indigenous, and good practice can only be achieved by gaining understanding of indigenous culture and community issues. A thought-provoking text for any professional dealing with indigenous clients.
Linda Briskman, "Social work with indigenous communities", Federation Press, 2007, ISBN 9781862876349 ARRP $39.95

Liyarn Ngarn (DVD)

"This compelling 70-minute documentary tells of the devastation and inhumanity bought upon Indigenous people in every aspect of their daily lives. Personal stories of injustice are recounted by renowned English actor Pete Postlethwaite, as told to him by Patrick Dodson and Bill Johnson, an old English school friend, whose Indigenous son Louis died tragically. Respected songman, Archie Roach, adds his powerful lyrics and voice to this often painful, yet inspiring, journey of strength."
For anyone with an interest in Indigenous issues in Australia, and the impact of the Stolen Generation in particular, this is an essential resource, well worth the $30 purchase price.

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Your Risk and Breast Cancer : breast cancer risk calculator

The National Breast Cancer Centre has today released an online breast cancer risk calculator, Your Risk and Breast Cancer designed to inform Australian women about their level of breast cancer risk, and how to reduce it.

What every woman should know about breast cancer [Free DVD]

This short DVD, presented by Johanna Griggs and developed by the National Breast Cancer Centre, provides information on breast cancer risk factors, changes to look out for, and also answers most frequently asked questions about the disease.
Available from : http://www.nbcc.org.au/resources/dvd/

The NBCC site also has a large number of other free breast cancer publications.

Genetics in family medicine : online

This handbook, developed to provide general practitioners with current information about genetic disorders, gives comprehensive information on symptoms, physical findings, family history and genetic testing for a wide range of conditions.

Free online version : http://www.gpgenetics.edu.au

Also available for $49.50 in a printed version from Gene Technology Information Service www.gtis.edu.au

Aboriginal women caregivers of the elderly

A new article has been published in Rural and Remote Health:

'Aboriginal women caregivers of the elderly in geographically isolated communities'

“It is humbling to attempt to summarize in sentences what has taken a lifetime to compile and understand. Crosato, Ward-Griffin and Leipert have devoted such an effort to understanding the Aboriginal women caregivers of the elderly. For practitioners, systems and nations to understand health care, they must understand the richness of variation and context, simplified by the concept of Circles of Caring illustrated in the article.” (from the R&RH website)

The Australian alcohol guidelines for low-risk drinking

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have released a revised draft of the Australian alcohol guidelines for low-risk drinking.
NHMRC would like comments from interested groups and individuals.
To view the draft click here
To read the media release click here
To view the "Australian alcohol guidelines for low-risk drinking —FAQs" click here

Understanding Australian rural women's ways of achieving health and wellbeing

A new article has been published in Rural and Remote Health:

'Understanding Australian rural women's ways of achieving health and wellbeing - a metasynthesis of the literature'

Qualitative studies provide rich insights into the lives of informants and increasingly rural health research can offer many such studies. This article pulls together the findings of six qualitative studies on Australian rural women's strategies to maintain health to create a new and deeper understanding of the issues then is possible in single case studies. The article is not only about an important topic but it is also provides a clear explanation of a technique known as metasynthesis which is increasingly being used to create robust and generalisable results from multiple qualitative studies.

Paediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines on CIAP

A new addition in the "Clinical guidelines" section of the CIAP website is a collection of 11 NSW Health guidelines for common acute paediatric conditions including fever, asthma, and otitis media. http://www.ciap.health.nsw.gov.au/

Clinical skills day: preparing third year medical students for their rural rotation

A new article has been published in Rural and Remote Health:

'Clinical skills day: preparing third year medical students for their rural rotation'

For decades the Rural Physician Associate Program has been preparing physicians for the American heartland with a nine month longitudinal rural experience. Fewer medical students have had rural experiences, and even fewer have a clue regarding the challenge of transitioning from the passive basic science and clinical roles of medical centers to the wide open interactions and opportunities provided in rural practice environments. University of Minnesota rural medical educators have developed some tools to ease this transition.


The Future Direction of General Practice: A roadmap

The Royal College of General Practitioners in Britain has published: The Future Direction of General Practice: A roadmap. This report sets out a vision for patient services in primary care in the 21st century. The roadmap provides a blue print for the delivery of services to patients and firmly establishes the discipline of family medicine. It shows how primary care can be scaled up by GPs to bring about major advances in clinical care using a new model of care and sets out a world-class vision for tackling crucial issues such as health inequalities and access.

Please read on for the full
roadmap report.