2006 Census Data : Now available

2006 census data is now available from ABS - free for anyone to download
Data is available by Local Government Area, suburb, postcode etc. Indigenous profiles also available

Supporting Student Mental Health & Wellbeing : Website

The Scottish Further Education Unit has developed a website called Supporting Student Mental Health & Wellbeing at: http://www.ssmh.ac.uk/, which provides information and resources for college and university staff, including how to promote positive mental wellbeing amongst the student population.

Students with mental health difficulties are not a new phenomenon. Exam stress, transition from school to college or university and changes in lifestyle habits, such as, diet and alcohol consumption can all have a negative effect on mental wellbeing.

The aims of the website include: provide an online resource that can be updated for staff supporting student mental health and wellbeing; highlight an overall institutional approach to student mental health and wellbeing; highlight good practice in mental health improvement initiatives through case studies; advise staff in institutions of their responsibilities in relation to relevant legislation and policy; be a central point where links to national initiatives and other resources can be found.

Aged care packages in the community 2005-06: a statistical overview

Aged care packages in the community 2005-06: A statistical overview presents key statistics on the levels of service provision of the Australian Government funded aged care packages. The programs providing these packages are the Community Aged Care Packages (CACP) Program, the Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) Program and the Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACH Dementia) Program. Previously published annually under the title Community Aged Care Packages in Australia, the new title reflects the expansion of the publication to include information on recipients of all three of these types of community age care packages. Detailed statistics on the socio-demographic characteristics of care recipients and the patterns of the recipient’s admissions and separations are provided. In addition, for the first time this report includes information on carers of EACH and EACH Dementia care recipients. The data presented in this report are a useful resource for those involved in policy development, policy review and the planning of aged care services, with a specific interest in these packages.
AIHW catalogue number (AGE 55).
Available from Can Print for $25.00 (1300 889 873).
Click on the link to view the media release and report

Little Children are Sacred

Little Children are Sacred
Report into the protection of Aboriginal children from sexual abuse.

Northern Territory Government Australia
Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse


Rural health resources on CIAP

Two new CIAP resources (Clinical Guidelines Section) are of particular interest to rural health services

The Eye Emergency Manual. Designed by NSW Health for all emergency, medical and nursing staff in NSW. A quick guide to important eye signs, symptoms and emergencies. Excellently illustrated.

Rural Emergency Clinical Guidelines for Adults. NSW Health. The intention of the guidelines is to ensure early appropriate management of immediately or imminently life threatening conditions, and to relieve pain and suffering for patients at hospitals where medical practitioners are not immediately available. Not available in hard copy.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health performance framework 2006 report

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released a new report:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health performance framework 2006 report: supporting tables and texts
This report is internet only and is available from the AIHW website.

When the cowpat hits the windmill - Help for health students during bush training placements

A new resource to help students on rural and remote health placements to stay mentally healthy has been produced by the National Rural Health Network (NRHN) and beyondblue.
Written by health students for students, the guide gives practical advice on how to deal with mental health issues students may face while on placement in regional areas or working out bush.


Australian hospital statistics 2005-06

The 13th year in the AIHW's comprehensive annual reporting of statistics on Australia's hospitals. Detailed information is presented on hospital care and hospitals in 2005-06, as are summaries of changes over time and comparisons between public and private hospitals. Included are statistics on admissions to public and private hospitals in 2005-06, covering the age and sex of patients diagnoses, procedures, lengths of stay and waiting times for elective surgery. The publication presents statistics on emergency department presentations to selected public hospitals in 2005-06 covering the age and sex of patients, triage categories, waiting times and duration of care. Also included are statistics on outpatient clinic activity in selected public hospitals in 2005-06. The statistics presented on hospitals include hospital expenditure, revenue and bed numbers, and a range of hospital performance indicators reported using the National Health Performance Framework. This report is a useful resource for health planners, administrators and researchers with an interest in the Australian hospital system.
AIHW catalogue number (HSE 50).