Mental health services in Australia 2004-05 AIHW catalogue number (HSE 47)

'Mental health services in Australia 2004-05' is the eighth in the series of AIHW's comprehensive annual reports on the characteristics and activity of Australia 's mental health services. Details from a wide range of data sources for the 2004-05 period are presented, as are changes over time. Information on mental health care provided by a range of services--including ambulatory services (such as community-based services, emergency departments, private psychiatrists and general practitioners), hospital and residential services, and other services (such as supported accommodation services)--is detailed. In addition, information is provided on mental health-related prescriptions, and mental health resources such as facilities, workforce and expenditure. Where possible, comprehensive data are provided for each state and territory, and comparisons are made between population groups (including Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and overseas-born and Australian-born people). This report is a useful resource for health planners, policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers and others with an interest in mental health in Australia.

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