Latest report in the locational disadvantage project

DROPPING OFF THE EDGE: the distribution of disadvantage in Australia
by Professor Tony Vinson in conjunction with Catholic Social Services Australia
ARRP $20

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Textbook : Download of Psychiatry

The University of Tasmania and the Australia & NZ Association of Psychiatrists has a psychiatry textbook, Download of Psychiatry, at

It looks a really useful resource for libraries with undergraduate or postgraduate students interested in psychiatry
Index -Detailed
Chapter 1 Introduction to Psychiatry
Chapter 2: Hardware
Chapter 3: Classification of Mental Disorders
Chapter 4: Delusions and Delusional Disorder
Chapter 5: Hallucinations
Chapter 6: Form of thought
Chapter 7: Schizophrenia
Chapter 8: Sadness and Depression
Chapter 9: Mood Elevation Disorders
Chapter 10: Personality and Personality Disorder
Chapter 11: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Chapter 12: Substance use Disorders
Chapter 13: Obsessive-compulsive Disorder
Chapter 14: Eating Disorders
Chapter 15: Antipsychotic drugs
Chapter 16: Antidepressant Drugs
Chapter 17: Anti-anxiety drugs
Chapter 18: Mood stabilizers
Chapter 19: Fear and Anxiety
Chapter 20: Senscence and Dementia
Chapter 21: Delirium
Chapter 22: Somatization
Chapter 23: Factitious disorder and malingering
Chapter 24: Child Psychiatry
Chapter 25: Forensic Psychiatry
Chapter 26: Higher Cortical Functions
Chapter 27: Frontal lobes - beside tests
Chapter 28: Electroconvulsive therapy
Chapter 29: Transcranial magnetic stimulation
Chapter 30: Tests: Psychiatric, Neurological, Psychological
Chapter 31: Suicide

Hope Awards : short films on mental health topics

The Hope Awards short film competition challenged entrants to create short films that contain a message of hope for those people with mental illness. A DVD has been compiled of the 8 finalists in the competition. It is available free of charge for educational purposes.
See the Hope Awards website or call Neil Wildman or Rachel Harris on (02) 9325 4444 for copies.

New edition : Mental health in Australia

The popular Australian mental health text : Mental health in Australia : Collaborative community practice, by Graham Meadows et al. has recently appeared in a second edition (Oxford University Press 2007. ISBN 0195550773) ARRP : $110

Aboriginal healthworker resource

Bill Genat, Aboriginal healthworkers : primary health care at the margins, University of Western Australia Press, 2006.

The role of the aboriginal healthworker receives scant attention in the literature. This new work, co-written by practising healthworkers, is an excellent exploration of their role, and their problems, frustrations, and successes. Highly Recommended.

Don Keast, Research Librarian, Far West Health Library, Broken Hill